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My new tote bag is finally finished and is perfect.
So perfect that I’ve taken it into bed with me. (No, not really. It was the lightest spot in my apartment. Note that blue sheet on the left- it covers my computer charger so my cat won’t eat it)


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Anonymous asked: Yes, you do have a beautiful face.


offsuit said: Just curious, how would you identify Scandinavians?

Young Scandinavians are impeccable. They hands down have the best haircuts and their clothes are always really, really good- classic outfits in modern cuts. (girls tend to be a bit less refined though) They’re easy to spot because they are so gorgeous, well dressed, and wear lighter colors than the New Yorkaises.

There are a lot on campus too. If I ever see an attractive man there’s a 95% chance he’s Scandinavian (and therefore, I don’t speak to him).

Older Scandinavians wear light colored classic clothing too, but, like the Germans and Australians, they dress more for hiking than walking around a city. Unlike Germans, they don’t wear hats too often and, unlike Australians, they don’t use hiking sticks.

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